How to improve your garden

Employ Geometric Design

Geometric patterns and bold shapes like squares and triangles are desirable in small spaces. Using clean angles for patios, flower beds or pathways can keep your small garden space looking crisp and tidy.

Put watering in autopilot mode

Having a drip irrigation system is ideal to save time on watering the plants. The system delivers water directly to the plant while it slowly seeps into the soil slowly one drop at a time.

Use Cinnamon powder on seedlings to prevent diseases

This is a very common yet deadly issue that affects most gardens. Most times when your seedlings are infected with a disease, you begin to notice a grey-white fungus at the stems of your seedlings just at the point where they make contact with the soil mix. With cinnamon powder, you are introducing some anti-fungal qualities to help fight these diseases and as an added bonus, it smells lovely.

What flowers to grow in your garden with ease


With their cheery faces, it’s hard to resist the appeal of pansies. These garden favourites are easy plants to grow from seed but even easier from pansy plug plants. Whether you grow them for winter or summer colour, deadheading faded flowers will encourage more and more colourful blooms.

Sunflowers (Helianthus)

Sunflowers are a perfect complement to the vegetable garden. They make great trellises for climbing plants, and they have lots of nectar to attract pollinators. Unfortunately, they also tend to attract squirrels, which can be a problem if you are growing them to save the seeds.


If you have an area of your garden that seems to rebel against fussier flowers, nasturtium may be a perfect fit. Long considered one of the easiest flowers to grow, they enjoy full sun and dry, moderate soil. They are very easy to start from seed, but must be sown before the last frost.

How to make your garden better

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    Low maintenance garden design

    Leave seed heads and berries on branches to feed birds over winter. Leave some twigs, tree stumps and broken branches to provide shelters for birds and small wildlife creatures while decorating bare spots and adding charming natural accents to your backyard landscaping ideas in eco style.

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    Plant No-Fuss Lilies

    When we talk about a rough-and-tumble, resilient plant, this is what we’re thinking of. Crinums laugh at drought, don't need fertilizer, and welcome hot, humid summers with lily-like flowers that perfume the air. Because they grow into huge bulbs over time, they're practically indestructible.

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